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Breastfeeding Photography Sessions - capturing the special connection between a mother and child

When it comes time to truly bonding with your newborn, breastfeeding is one of those memorable experiences that defines the motherhood. These special moments of an incredible journey of bonding with your child is something that must be captured for the years to come.

Recently we did a session to celebrate breastfeeding. An incredible bond between a mother and child! A bond that sadly would have had to be ended prematurely for Ruth and her lovely daughter, as she has to stop breastfeeding to focus on a tougher battle. The battle with the big C. For the second time. Ruth is a warrior. She spent countless hours in raising awareness for cervical cancer and the importance of regular checks. Her story is incredible and I will share it in full over the next few days with the hope that it will touch a lot of people and will spread the word about the importance of early checks and also the beauty of breastfeeding.

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