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Family Photos in the Poppy Fields of Berkshire

If you are interested in a poppy field photo shoot for your family, this page has all of the information you need. Poppies appear in fields throughout the UK in June and July.

Poppy fields make a stunning backdrop for a maternity or family session!

What time of year is a poppy photoshoot?

Expect to book a poppy photoshoot in June or July in the UK. I'm currently taking bookings right now, so please get in touch straight away so you don't miss the poppies bloom.

What to wear for a poppy field photoshoot

Planning your outfit for a poppy field photoshoot will make all the difference to the appearance of your photographs.

  • White is always a good choice

  • Red can be really dramatic

  • Block colours generally always come out well for photoshoots as the patterns aren't distracting from the portrait. If you like bold patterns they can stand out against the red and green backdrop.

  • Black and white looks great.

Many clients send me phone photographs of their outfits so I can help advise on your choice.

What time of day is it best for a poppy field photoshoot?

Daytime or just before sunset, the golden hour are equally great times of day for poppy photographs. I like the blue skies or dramatic clouds of daytime and like the fresh bright colours. Sunset, the golden hour can have a more hazy look and have a golden glow. The poppies are less vibrant red than in the daytime. Daytime photoshoots allow more flexibility with younger children who cannot stay up late with the British sunset times being as late as 10pm.

How long do poppy flowers bloom for?

You have to be quick with poppies as they are not around for long. They last for approximately 10 days but can have a second bloom. Expect to find them in June and July and occasionally August. It is best to plan your outfits ahead of time and be ready for when they appear.

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