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Maternity session with Stefan and Boryana - Capturing the joy and excitement of what is to come

Stefan and Boryana are very good friends of ours - in fact Stefan was the Best Man at our wedding and Boryana was the Maid of Honor, hence why I was so exited to do this photo shoot! I knew very well their relationship and I was sure the end results would come out amazing!

They both used to live not far from Berkshire, however due to career related events they had to move back to our home country of Bulgaria. Doing this couples maternity photography session was my gift to them, to celebrate their love and our friendship.

We opted out for a relaxed atmosphere at their new apartment, where they felt the most comfortable! It was a bright day even though it was winter and we had a lot of natural light flowing thorough the windows. We started with a few shots of Boryana and her lovely bump on her own enjoying a cup of tea and soaking in the energy of the moment. We then brought the proud dad-to-be for some lovely display of affection and care and finished it all off with some closeups of the scan result and a few more shots of them together. We were done in less than an hour and the results as you can see below were amazing!

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